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Standards-Based Grading, Pt. 4: from standards to grades

Here is another page in my attempt to record what I have learned from a semester and a half of playing around with standards-based grading in my 9th-grade history class, this one focused on how standards change the nitty-gritty of … Continue reading

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Standards-Based Grading, Pt. 3: What to do about homework

One of the aspects of standards-based grading that seems to engender the most resistance from teachers is the idea of not grading homework. I get both sides of this debate, and, honestly, I’m splitting the difference, at least for now. … Continue reading

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Standards-Based Grading in History, Pt. 2: What standards?

This is the second in a series of posts about testing a standards-based approach in my 9th-grade classroom. I’ve described the project here. Any thinking about standards-based grading has to start with the standards themselves. My basic assumption in putting … Continue reading

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