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Who Owns Your Assessments?

I had the privilege of spending a whole day last week with a room full of smart, creative teachers thanks to Common Sense Ed’s 2017 Teacher Institute, “Assessment Beyond the Gradebook.” This conference covered a lot of ground, but at the … Continue reading

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What Can History Teachers Do in the Face of Trumpism?

I’ve been thinking all week about justice. Over and over, I keep having one conversation in the faculty room:  as teachers who believe deeply in respecting every student’s individual beliefs, as teachers with students in our classrooms who come from … Continue reading

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Making space

My major New Year’s resolution is to teach less. And no, not because grading is interfering with my precious sleep. It’s like this. When I first started as a young teacher, I led long, unstructured discussions of readings. We had … Continue reading

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What’s in a classroom?

I had the chance last week to visit the Stanford School of Design.  It is an institution that is much about innovative spaces, and it was fun to walk through them.  I loved the modularity of everything, the odd shapes … Continue reading

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